Will Putin remain a coward or finally stand up and be a man?
Putin the Coward

The world recognizes Putin’s actions as cowardly, will he stand up and be a man?

What country would install their own pro-separatist leaders in a Russian border town? later to have an election to join Ukraine. Putin would not stand for it, but Ukraine did in Crimea now in two other regions Putin tries the same thing, the leaders are just tired of Putin’s war with Ukraine for the last 8 years. 

Do not forget Putin’s army shot down a civilian passenger jet killing 283 passengers and 15 crew, but he claimed no responsibility but his army admitted their mistake, this is another cowardly act of Putin. His own army he calls pro-Russian separatists and the name used in Chechen, but he called them Pro-Russian Chechen trying to confuse people. 

As we reported previously, Putin is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine and had Nemtsov assassinated. Now we are updating with more documents and information.

To understand how Putin and his oligarchs work, we have to look at history.

There is much to learn from Putin’s work as a KGB/FSB agent in Berlin, during this time he gathers support from wealthy oligarchs. At the time Gorbachov was in power. The plan is an operational game plan of Putin for years. This time he had mini statues of Stalin made, under Stalin was Gorbachov, under Gorbachov Yeltsin, and under Yeltsin, Putin.

Within months of the coup’s overthrow of Gorbachov’s power, Yeltsin had already made the dictator Putin, Prime Minister, then he made Yeltsin resign and was made acting President August 1999. 

He started his first Chechen War in 1999. Fought from August 1999 to April 2000. He also started the war in Georgia. These are the most commonly known wars, but many forget Yugoslavia – where he started a war and Nato had to step in, then Kosovo and many others until in 2014 he invaded Ukraine, that’s where we left off. Ukraine did not come to Russia, Russia came to Ukraine and has been there ever since. Slowly Putin’s goal it takes Ukraine, little by little. 

It’s not only warring, he has any opposition murdered or jailed. He never takes the blame for any of it, always excuses, because he is a coward.

Now two areas in Ukraine want to surrender to Russia, as a gift to Putin. Luhansk and Donetsk. Of course, the leaders were installed through Putin. Putin also wants to get a Russian-backed leader in Kyiv. But the world is watching now and waiting for Putin to make the wrong move.

Don’t forget it was not Ukraine coming to the borders of Russia, nor Nato, it was Russia building up troops mass by mass along the Ukrainian border and now he has the EU surrounded. What do you think the EU countries will do, let him come in? He would not let the EU surround Russia without conflict.  

We think the EU and the west are acting like pussy’s. They should have taken Ukraine into the EU long after Putin violated the Minsk agreement 8 years ago.

We think Putin could avoid all of this, stand up be a man, take responsibility. 

If Putin is reading this, the world will see if he stands up.

  1. Pull out all his pro-separatists troops from Ukraine now!
  2. Release Navalny and drop all charges, and all of Navalny’s supporters also should be released and all charges dropped. 
  3. Admit that he tried to have Navalny killed.
  4. Admit to the other opposition leaders he had killed.
  5. Give back Crimea to Ukraine. 
  6. Pull all the rest of the troops away from the EU and the borders of Ukraine and EU countries.
  7. Mind his own business

We believe Putin is too much a coward to do any of these things. It’s time for Russia to have a new leader. Putin can go join his buddy in North Korea.