The Texas Papers – Attorney living large scammed thousands for more than 15 Million Dollars.
Texas Papers - Oil & Gas Corruption Spanish Land Grant Heirs

Jan 11, 2023

In our ongoing investigation into the corruption involving lawyers, oil and gas companies, politicians, judges, and law enforcement we found out more about the attorney Eileen McKenzie (Dorthey) Fowler we reported who scammed thousands of Texas Spanish and Mexican land grant heirs out of millions (over 15M).

Just revealed by investigators in our pool, attorney (now retired) Fowler is living large off her scams. It was reported that in the past few years, she has purchased several properties, including a possible property in the Cayman Islands.

Her own bungalow is not a bungalow at all. She purchased in October 2020 a $306,000 home with all the amenities including, a pool, hot tub, gazebo, and large yard. Her 8-room house includes 2 full baths and a large garage. It is quite contrary to the claims Eileen Fowler made when asked if she was making money she replied “I’m not making money off anyone” and “I am not getting rich off here.”

She pays yearly property taxes in the amount of $5,092 just for the luxury home. But our investigation did not stop there.

She also purchased also a beautiful white $50,000+ 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class SUV and drives around with her family and friends flaunting off her prize.  

Photos were also obtained but need to yet verified showing Fowler dressing up very fancy, different from the t-shirt and grubby clothes she wore when she was in the presence of the land grant heirs she scammed. She is seen in several investigative photos wearing flashy Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Versace clothing and carries expensive purses as well.  

We are investigating further into her other land and property purchases and trying to track down tax and financial records. However, it makes it difficult when she is probably funneling the money through her family, relatives, and/or co-conspirators.  

One of the news networks we follow recently reported about another attorney in Texas who made millions scamming vulnerable people, but Eileen Fowler takes the grand prize for what some are calling “the largest scam in history.” Scamming them out of more than $15,000,000 million dollars

We also learned that the heirs who Fowler scammed have filed complaints against her, and are preparing to file criminal complaints as well as lawsuits.

The story does not end here, because one would think none of the heirs would have the will or courage to go on, but the heirs are reportedly taking this to the public and pursuing other avenues. We will not end the story here either. Stay tuned to the Texas Papers ongoing investigation.

Texas Papers - Oil & Gas Corruption Spanish Land Grant Heirs

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