The Texas Papers Land Grant Corruption Part 1
Texas Papers - Oil & Gas Corruption Spanish Land Grant Heirs

The Texas Papers is one of the largest investigations in history dating back to the Texas oil boom and exposes murders, thefts, swindlings, frauds, scams, and the corruption which has benefited powerful leaders, state officials, politicians, oil and gas companies, attorneys, who have stolen trillions of dollars in royalties from original land grant owners, descendants, and other citizens.

In our first series we begin exposing the corruption between two law firms that represented Texas Spanish and Mexican land grant heirs. One of them for over a decade swindled millions of dollars (15M +) out of several thousands of her clients.

We point out the abnormalizes, contradictions and lies that led the scam along until they could not make up excuses anymore to continue their scam. This is something out of a Hollywood movie when we examine hundreds of documents and audios exposing the corruption.

The Texas Spanish and Mexican land grant heirs have been scammed for years by the oil companies, politicians, Texas government and other corrupt people, but it is hard to imagine their own attorneys scamming them.

Some news stories from other networks, believe the attorneys were paid off to stop representing their clients. The law firms unprofessionally accuse each other of wrongdoings. We have exposed part one of their lies and contradictions, which make their position that assert very shady.

Morganroth and Morganroth law firm from Birmingham, Michigan in several email responses to questions from their clients, state they “did not even know that Ms. Fowler was” collecting federal litigation funds. In an email to another client, they state “the Morganroth law firm only knew that Ms. Fowler was collecting funds to be held in trust and managed by her on behalf of her clients in an amount sufficient to file a federal lawsuit in the event that viable claims would be paid.” 

This is just the beginning of lies and contradictions, they present a serious case of perjury.

The heirs private lawyer from La Porte, TX who goes by different names, “Eileen M. Fowler”, “Eileen M. Dorthey Fowler” is actually “Dorthey Fowler” according to tax records we have obtained. She fraudulently had her clients sign a legal agreement for her to collect federal litigation funds, she calls “the Matter”, the problem is, it also was supposed be signed by her and the Morganroth & Morganroth firm, but it never was. So her collection and misuse of those “trust” funds (and retainers) which we think amount over $15,000,000 million dollars was illegal.

In the document she uses a LLC she developed with board members who controlled the funds she collected. Our findings indicate she had collected not only the trust funds but extensive travels, meet and greets, raffles, giveaways and more. She lists herself and board members on her website. Our investigation will not only include the attorneys but also her cohorts. Could it be these people who pocketed the millions that were stolen from the heirs. Our investigation continues – no one is exempt from investigation.

George Farias, Public Relation/Historian/Publisher

Eileen McKenzie Fowler, JD, President

Miguel Alonso “Al” Martinez, Member

Rita Lopez Tice, Vice President

Cecilia “CeeCee” Vallejo, Secretary/Treasurer

Jimmy Willborn, Member

Miguel Alonso “Al” Martinez – Member

This is just a preview of our first part in a long series undercover work in our Texas Papers series.

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